Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ardent Comics?

Ardent Comics is a publisher of original comic book series, limited edition art prints and premium quality, hand made figurines. Formed in 2014, by Australian writer and Artist Dan O’Callaghan.
We have a goal of publishing exciting and progressive stories that go beyond genre, tradition, nostalgia and the status qua, into a realm of creative storytelling, visual exploration and thought provoking characters that our readers can empathise with, align their own beliefs with, proudly declare devotion too and happily return too, read after read.

What does Ardent mean?


  1. having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: an ardent vow; ardent love.


  1. intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous: an ardent theatergoer. an ardent student of French history.


  1. vehement; fierce: They were frightened by his ardent, burning eyes.


  1. burning, fiery, or hot: the ardent core of a star.
Who are the creators behind Ardent Comics?

Dan O’Callaghan is the writer and artist behind, The Third Hand Comic book series and Descendant of the Nephilim.

He grew up in both the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and an inland township of South East Queensland.

Before starting Ardent Comics, he studied and worked in a number of different artistic jobs, in a number of different artistic fields.


Jess Gibson is the illustrator behind the Feral Horizon Comic book series.

She grew up on a South Australian farm, often behind a drawing desk or playing with chickens. She has been practicing and evolving her art for many years, using many mediums and methods, both traditional and digital.

Where is Ardent Comics based?

Ardent Comics is based wherever the creator’s hearts take them.

Jess Gibson and Dan O’Callaghan are based in Australia.
Primarily based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, but they also have extended stints in Melbourne, Victoria.

What is Ardent Comics about?

Fantasy and Science fiction are the surface genres, but within that shell, what Ardent Comics are really about is Inheritance. Family Values. Abandonment. Loss. Friendship. Corrupted Friendships. Love. Fate. Doom. Belief and hope.

What age group is Ardent Comics for?

Young Adult, Ardent Comics do feature mature themes.

What's a comics series?

It’s a progressive story of words and pictures that goes beyond other visual storytelling and invites the reader into a very participatory and rewarding experience.


Traditionally ranging between 20 to 32 pages, full colour or black and white, this may be a comic that is either a one shot, standalone comic book or just the first in a long running Comic book series, that is typically either character driven, told in a linear, singular character fashion or a non-linear team of characters various plots, plot twists and cliff hangers.


Typically a Trade paperback/Collected edition or Graphic novel if you’d like is a collection of issues of a particular comics series.

How often do Ardent Comics publish books?

In 2017 Ardent Comics are publishing comic books at least quarterly.

Along with releasing special Limited Edition Art Prints more regularly and extremely limited Hand made figurines through out the year.

Where can I buy Ardent Comics?

Ardent Comics Creators do typically attend a lot of the major Australian Comic book events and conventions through out the year, wether it’s an Artist guest spot or Ardent comics has it’s own table for you to find.

Otherwise Ardent Comics are sold through many Comic Book stores all around Australia.

As for the world, we are still working on that, for now, we are only offering Ardent Comics to International readers through our website, but we are working to have it available in international comic book stores.

Click here for a full list of Retail and Digital Comic bookstore outlets, where Ardent Comics are sold.

Can I buy Ardent Comics from

You most certainly can, you can purchase a single physical copy of an Ardent comic, just to get a taste or you can get an entire Comics series if you’d like.

What are the Shipping rates for

The shipping rates are dependent on where you are located, what and how many products you purchase through, but generally speaking Australian customers shipping rates starts at $8.85AUD.

International customers shipping rates start at $18.85 AUD.

But when you spend $50 AUD or more, we are offering free shipping for a limited time.

Can I read Ardent Comics Online?

We are working to have digital versions of Ardent Comics single issues available soon through our web store, as well as on third-party digital comics platforms like Comixology.
We’d love to have an integrated reader, on the website or in an Ardent Comics store and reader app though.

Can I borrow Ardent Comics from my Library?

Not as of yet. We have multiple library chains through out Australia, who have expressed extreme interest in stocking Ardent Comics in Public and School libraries. In the coming months we’d love to make Ardent Comics available at your Library.

Are there Movies or other media based on Ardent Comics?

Not yet. We are primarily focused on publishing premium Comic book series with exceptional stories, but adaptions are something on the periphery of our radar and ultimately, it is only something that we are going to act on, if the creators of our Comic book series feel that it would be a positive extension for a property. If the opportunity to introduce our comics to new fans would be opened by an adaption or if an adaption is something that current fans of Ardent Comics really want.

Are Ardent Comics available outside Australia?

Yes, physical Ardent Comics are available worldwide through and digital comics will soon be available to many countries worldwide with an unlimited stock.

How often is the Ardent Comics site updated?

We’ll be updating the Ardent Comics site at least monthly; we are going to offer limited edition ardent art prints every month, at least one new comic book every quarter and a hand made, premium figurine based on an Ardent Comics character every year.

Does Ardent Comics run paid advertisements?

We have not previously and will not be publishing advertisements, unless we judge them, to be of genuine interest to our readers.
If you feel that your products or services would be of genuine and specific interest to Ardent Comics fans, please contact us at

Does Ardent Comics hire Writers and Artists to create its comics?

Yes. For particular series or Issues we do, but upon inviting new writers and artists to collaborate and publish with Ardent Comics as a result of a submission or proposal review with regards to a new I.P, we would initially operate on a contractual basis with all time spent on projects, appropriate accreditation and payment for services rendered negotiated and agreed upon before the contractual period.

Does Ardent Comics accept Submissions or proposals for new Comics series?

Not at this time, we will make a public announcement in the future if this changes.

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