Dan O’Callaghan

Hi I’m Dan, I began publishing comic books under the label of Ardent Comics in 2014, after working a number of jobs in many different artistic and non-artistic fields.
A year later, I met Jessica Gibson at a local comic book convention and not too long after, the two of us started working on Feral Horizon, marking myself and Jessica’s first collaborative comic book series.

I also wrote and illustrated the comic book series, Descendant of the Nephilim and The Third Hand.

I’ve also got a whole ton of personal artwork, videos and other content at www.DanielOart.com
You can order a commissioned artwork or purchase several different original and print works of mine there as well.

Jessica Gibson

I am an illustrator who grew up in South Australia. Since I was young, I have been practicing and developing my art skills using many methods and mediums, both traditional and digital. My main source of inspirations are the natural world, video games and television shows, and it is my aspiration to one day become an accomplished creature designer for tv and film.

Jessica illustrated the Feral Horizon Comic book series.


We are very eager to collaborate with new creators at Ardent Comics. To fan the flames of passion in creators and readers hearts, bringing new stories and voices into the world through Ardent Comics. We believe that would be something exciting, challenging and special.

Unfortunately, we aren’t ready to accept submissions from writers and artists just yet, but as soon as we are, we will let you know promptly.