Welcome to Ardent Comics new website

Welcome to Ardent Comics new website

Welcome to Ardent Comics. Why Ardent?
Ardent – Adjective

  1. having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: an ardent vow; ardent love.
  2. intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous: an ardent theatergoer. an ardent student of French history.
  3. vehement; fierce: They were frightened by his ardent, burning eyes.
  4. burning, fiery, or hot: the ardent core of a star.

The creators at Ardent Comics are burning with ideas and stories that we just need to tell. We are young and foolish and we want to tell good stories that matter. Stories that go beyond the banal good vs evil tropes or that of interest in characters conflicts in themselves. At the core of every Ardent Comic, there needs to be a good story, an idea that matters to us, whether it’s personal, universal or both.
Formed in 2014, by myself, writer and illustrator Dan O’Callaghan. I wanted to create a reciprocal for this yearning to tell stories of this sort, hence Ardent comics.
I met illustrator Jessica Gibson in 2015, we went on to create our first collaboration Feral Horizon.
In 2017 and beyond Ardent Comics is not only publishing comic books but will become a publisher of limited edition art prints and premium quality, handmade figurines.
We are very eager to collaborate with more impassioned and story filled creators in the future as well.

Welcome to our new online shop, https://ardentcomics.com
I have made Ardent Comics websites before, but they were ill-conceived, amateurship and un-updated sites, that didn’t have a call to action, not a store, news page or even a working email. That all changes now and for the record, the launch of this new website, also signals a change in our release of content, we will be committing to our stories and art, in a way unlike before.
Giving readers a reason to read our Ardent Comics.

Jessica Gibson and I have been working together side by side on this new Ardent Comics Web store, both handling different aspects of coding and creative design.
Whilst making this web store, we really wanted to figure out what our brand is and/or could be and to make this site, the best representation of what the summation of all our comics, art and stories is. What the potential future of Ardent Comics could be.

This News Blog is here to let you guys in on what’s happening at Ardent Comics, whenever one of our new comic books are coming out, if we’ve got a new art print or some other special announcement to make, maybe even some behind the scenes, into the creative process stuff, we’ll write a news post about it here.

We’ve drawn from all of our creative and technical design knowledge, as well as an understanding of the simplicity and easy to use functionality of a streamlined website, to create a web store that is more like a portal into our little Ardent dimension. Making it easier for us to focus on creating good stories and for you to get your hands on Ardent Comics.

A News post is forthcoming that will introduce you to our comic book series that have been released thus far and other Ardent Comics Products, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
We welcome you to contact us through the store email and we greatly appreciate your continued support of Ardent Comics and hope you enjoy the new web store, we’re sure you will.

Dan O’Callaghan
Artist at Ardent Comics

Ardent Comics