Story & Art Dan O’Callaghan
This is a Comic Book Series that Dan O’Callaghan has been working on for some time, scratching down notes and mulling over ideas in his head, here and there, between all the other stories he’s been working on.

This is a whole different kind of creature though, compared to other Comic Book Series Dan has played with, it would mark his most ambitious and earnestly created work.

A love letter to Super Hero Comic Books, an exploration of the turmoils and elevations of the human spirit or the non-human.
Featuring the classic visually exciting hallmarks of Super Hero stories, obviously including the intensity of seeing our heroes face off against their demons with exhilaration when they succeed and despair when they fail, and they will fail, again, and again. They will triumph when it counts though.

This is a very well trodden genre, but knowing all that, this is a story Dan is sure hasn’t been told quite this way before.
It is a lightning bolt of a story, weaved through his heart, head and soul that won’t burn out, so he’s going to make it, and make it burn as brightly as it can.

Prepare to hear and see more of the upcoming Altruists, in 2019 for its release in 2020.

Coming 2020.

Ardent Comics