Descendant of the Nephilim, was the first series that I created, it is a dark fantasy series that follows a teenager with supernatural power, who is trying to escape his father’s evil empire.
The Third Hand is the second series that I created, a bold adventure, seeing through the eyes of traumatized time travelers, who are incapable of controlling their powers.

Feral Horizon was the third series that I created, which was actually a co-creation with my beautiful and talented girlfriend, Jessica Gibson, I handled the writing duties and Jessica, the art, it’s an epic animal adventure that follows a pet dog, who is searching for her owner through an apocalyptic earth.

These comic book series are all in vivid full colour with at least 22 pages and a couple of issues released, We have received some much appreciated praise for our books from fans and we’ve been very humbled by their enthusiastic and patient support previously, Although not from critical reviewers, we have received generally good reviews and acclaim for all of our Ardent Comics series, being our first few series though, there is obviously some learning and some development that took place.

Check out the Comic Series page on our website to get a more in-depth look at the series, characters and ideas behind Ardent Comics.

Art Prints –
I have created a series of art prints to celebrate the launch of our new website, these cool characters are showing their true colours in these mixed media coloured prints, emblazoned with creepy quasi-inspiring messages, they’ll make fine editions to your Ardent Collection of memorandum.

Original Art –
I have also included a small collection of the one of a kind, original art pages from Ardent Comics series by myself Dan O’Callaghan.
More original art, including cover art, comics pages or pin-ups, from other creators will be coming soon.

Check out the store and see what takes your fancy.
Dan O’Callaghan
Artist at Ardent Comics